Putting Value on Your Life!!

The biggest issue I found myself facing when it came to my disorder was valuing my life. There were so many times that I felt so unwanted, unloved, misused, and mistreated, even when everything was going perfect. I was always constantly thinking to myself “Why am I feeling like this? Why is this happening to me?” It got to the point that I constantly felt as though I deserved all the hurt and pain I was feeling. I cared nothing about myself. To me, I viewed myself as a nobody, and I felt as though everyone else viewed me the same way. Because of this, I stopped caring about my appearance and became so withdrawn that all I wanted to do was go to work and come home to sulk in a dark room. No compliment could raise my self esteem, and no amount of outings could lift my spirits. “What is wrong with me? Why am I feeling like this? Why is this happening to me?” After years of feeling as though I didn’t matter, I had finally had ENOUGH!! I deserve so much more than to constantly feel like I’m just walking around on this earth just Existing! I wanted to LIVE, and most importantly I wanted my life to have VALUE!!!
No one deserves to walk around feeling as though they are not wanted. YOU MATTER!! We all do! At times we feel so low that we find the smallest thing to put ourselves down about, when there is so much more that is unique and special about YOU! From your eyes, to your height, to your personality, we as humans have so many great attributes that we don’t give ourselves credit for. Today is the day that we start to recognize everything that’s great about us, and finally let go of all the negativity we hold against ourselves!
One neat habit that I learned whenever I was feeling down, was to write down affirmations about myself until I no longer felt down. So whenever I needed a spirit booster I always looked back on my affirmations. From “I can deal with difficult situations,” to “I am Beautiful,” to “I deserve Happiness and Peace” made so many tough moments fade for me.
Sometimes there were moments that I was feeling really down and had no access to my journal. That’s when my “Affirmations” app would come into use. While there are so many games and cool apps on phones and tablets nowadays, many individuals overlook so many useful apps that helps cope with personal crisis and hardships.
The best Apps for great affirmations is the “Affirmations” and “Unique Daily Affirmations” for Android, and “Affirmations- Positive Thinking” for Apple.
The best thing you could ever do for yourself is speak highly of your qualities and everything special about you. No one knows whats great about you better than yourself, so why not speak it into existence. Hold yourself to a higher standard, no matter your illness, disorder, or others opinions about you. You are Special! You are Unique! There is no one like you, and the sooner you realize that, the closer you get to finding that Happiness and peace within yourself!

Tip of the week: Everyday for one whole week, write down 5 affirmations about yourself. Before the day is over, look in the mirror and repeat your affirmations to yourself

Song of the week: Pink- Perfect

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