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For so many years I walked through life feeling so misunderstood, so alone, and out of place. Many of times I knew that I couldn’t connect to anyone because I felt like I held so much of my own trauma to myself out of fear of being judged. It wasn’t until I found my tribe and my safe space that I was able to fully open up, and damn what a healing journey that has been. From meeting individuals from all over, to sharing and connecting through our stories, it has been so beautiful so see the healing that follows it. Here we want to create that safe space for you. If you’ve ever felt like your words went unheard, felt like you didn’t belong, felt misunderstood.. This space is for you. Feel free to share your stories with us: Your thoughts, your dreams, your stories of recovery and triumph, and even your journey towards healing. New Stories shared each week. Happy Healing.

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