Losing Myself

Wednesday May 22, 2013 The night was beautiful. The settling peace of the cool breeze and families bringing it in for the night made the world seem so picture perfect. Feeling the calmness of everything around me made me want to escape into that feeling forever. Sitting alone in this room that was once filled […]

Losing you: Her Story

  Constantly looking for sunlight While treading in oil Somebody plant me in soil I need a rebirth                                   -Se “My love” she calls me. Something about those big beautiful eyes that just pulls me in. I see warmth […]

Waking Up!!

“Ms. Turner, Ms. Turner…. Do you know where you are Honey? What did you do? What did you take? Did you take all of those pills because you wanted to die? It’s ok honey, you are going to be ok, we are going to get you some help.” The bright lights of the emergency room […]

The Visit… Facing Reality Part 1

“Lift up your shirt Ms. Turner… Now pull down your pants.. Turn around… Do you have any scars or bruises? Are those strings in your pants? We have to cut those out. Give me your shoes, we need to remove those shoestrings and anything else that could be used to self harm. Say goodbye to […]

The Visit… Facing Reality Part 2

“Hey are you sad?” So consumed in my thoughts, I never even noticed the gentleman slowly wheel his way over to me. Knocking me out of my trance, my cheeks begin to burn from the embarrassment of realizing all eyes were on me… Again. After our group leader made her exit, my fellow patients swarmed […]

The Visit… Facing Reality Part 3

“May I please have Ms. Turner” Damn I do not want to take this freaking medicine. Just let me sit in this room and sulk in my misery. I don’t need a pick me up. No, wait.. I don’t want a pick me up. Why can’t I just go home. Hmph, I might as well […]

Going Home…

“Develop an attitude of gratitude and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation”                                 -Brian Tracy “Ms. Turner, you have a […]